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New Business Viability

I met Tonya through an interest group I run on Facebook.  We then met in person in 2018 on my relocation journey to Brisbane and just a couple of months later started a conversation about Tonya’s aspirations to become a paint stockist in what is already a saturated market. And not just any kind of paint, boutique furniture paint.

We discussed the pro’s and con’s of each element, but most important, viability. Living in what is classified a ‘regional area’ north of Sydney, there was definitely some concern about this as a feasible option of supporting her family. 

With sheer grit, determination, passion and family onside, Tonya lined up her ducks and painted them!  I am proud to say that in October 2019 she won a Small Business Award in her local area.   In the whole time since starting, Tonya has been a great resource that I can put other new stockists in touch with, and we still consult to determine next steps and social influence.

Tonya’s website is Chalk and Willow

Brand Refresh & Alignment

Joe runs multiple chiropractic clinics in inner Sydney, and had the foresight to build his own website(s) years ago when they were a new thing.   Realising the need for a refresh and usability, Joe got in touch with me and we spoke about the message he wanted to communicate with his patients, and also students. 
Joe is Australia’s leading practitioner in the Atlas Orthogonal chiropractic technique, and one that I have been seeking since my days of living in London.  Being an advocate for this powerful work, Joe knows that I understand his patients and was able to bring this to the table for a redesign of one of his websites that is purely for information.   Also serving his students, Joe kept this in mind for a dual purpose website.

New Web Platform

When I met Sophie she had created a beautiful website to sell paint products and wanted to offer more to her customers in the way of Afterpay.   At the time, the web platform she was using was unable to facilitate this, and we decided a complete rebuild was in order. This way, Sophie could leverage my experience building an e-commerce platform, and in the right way that would attract clients and convert them to buy.  Although Sophie decided to pivot in her business (another conversation) she no longer has this website and has completely changed industries.