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Hi I’m Kate Lyndley, and when I say ‘we’ in some parts of this website, I mean me, and my black cat Jack. While I’m awaiting professional headshots, a pic of him will have to do.   Often snoozing here in the office with me, his presence is calm and so darn cute I can’t stand it. He keeps me company with chats and demands for snacks, and a paw if he doesn’t get attention.

I’ve been in software development and quality assurance since leaving University. With a Bachelor of Business in HR, and a sub in computing, I left uni for a corporate education starting at Telstra for my first real job. Making burgers at Hungry Jack’s for 6 years from late high school didn’t quite fit in with full time work although the skills in organisation, delivery and customer service have gotten me where I am today.

Life took me to England for a decade, working in Investment Banks at a time when the internet was shifting to what is known as WC3 and WCAG. These are website development guidelines at a global level that include people of all abilities being able to use the internet easily. I use these principles today in my web design to make sure it’s easy for your customers to navigate around your website.

I’ve worked for multi media and government agencies in London, auto-motive companies in Melbourne and in various industries in software design all of which utilise international software development principles.   My work in design is precise and carefully considered.  The more fun part is working with people of various cultures and having them bring me home made lunch!

While the corporate life is ‘dry’ for many, developing new hobbies and interests can be of significant importance as your lifestyle changes and this is reflected in your business needs as they are mine. I’m big into furniture upcycling and painting, aromatherapy, spiritual practice and designing graphics to sell in my Etsy shop, things that can be put on t-shirts, boards, furniture, cars, napkins and your fridge or whatever. I have a huge love of gardening and photography, and it is all of these interests which keep my ideas and approach fresh to website design and business consulting.

Jack and I relocated from Melbourne last year to live in a much warmer Brisbane. To live near the beach and to be a short drive from either coast is amazing, and inspirational.

Further information about my experience and training can be found here at LinkedIn.