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Is your tech in the ‘Too Hard Basket’?

You are in business, maybe an artist, maybe a chiropractor or health professional, running your own shop or just trying to make money any which way you can by selling your products and services. We know that technical thinking may not come easy to you and it is just as easy to ‘chuck it in the stuff it bucket’, leaving all things aside for another time.

We know that it causes undue stress as it sits there simmering until the next boil over. We also know that you may never look at that again, all the while being desperate for a website or internet presence to propel your business growth forward. Maybe you have had a website done before and it’s time to refresh your brand. Either way, you want your web presence to be a full reflection of your brand.

That’s where Rusted Lime Digital will pick up your tech bucket and handle all the horrible things that create more stress for you.   Our goal is to enhance your experience, not only by making a website and marketing solution that is easy for you to use, but one that is really easy for your customers to use.

What are you looking for?

First we discuss your business and technical outcomes and I know you have a lot of great ideas, it helps to pull them into something usable on the internet. From there we move onto your social requirements. It’s crucial to hook this all up so that it is in alignment with your values and the final result is reflective of what is important to you.

Second we take a look at your business goals and talk through the different strategies that you have been using. This allows us to form a fuller value proposition of just who you are and what you are about in the marketplace, creating a workable tailored solution.

Once we start asking the right questions, your business answers may very well evolve for a new experience. This is exciting as you realise new possibilities on what you can offer your customers.

Our goal is to enhance your experience, not only by making a website and marketing solution that is easy for you to use, but one that is really easy for your customers to use.

A Little Bit Old School

Served up with some proper old fashioned values of deep respect for you, your customers and your ideas, we operate with honesty and integrity, creating a good rapport and trusted relationship with you.   There’s nothing worse than being a bit older in life and not quite understanding the technology, and we can bridge that gap helping you to understand using your life references. You know what you want, and we know how to make it happen and can teach you new and easy ways for you to be in full control.   There is no feeling of being a bit dumb, it’s just a different way of learning.

It’s all Easy

* We make it easier for your customers to find their way around your site – no having to click through multiple pages to get to your information

* We make it easy for them to buy – your customers can find what they need within 1 click and add to cart immediately, not having to navigate any further

* We make it easy for them to learn – that means they can get to your blog or other written content quickly and find what they need

* You want someone who understands who you are, and how you operate at a personal level and in business. We have you covered.

* We talk in your language and not in some tech lingo that leaves you baffled

* We make it easy for you to take full control of your website afterwards

* We test all elements of your website and e-store from your view, making sure that all components work seamlessly for easy transactions

* We give you all the ‘how to’ videos related to your website so you can best learn how to manage your business and sales growth

* We make sure that your website is secure and robust against any hacking

* We do backups of your website

* We also do domain and site hosting if you require it, and have maintenance plans to keep it all running smoothly

* You maintain full design control at all times. Whilst we know that it’s easy to want to gold gild everything and gilding is nice, sometimes it’s not always practical and you will be gently guided with our experience to a workable outcome that best serves you and your customers.

* There may be some homework and you may already have your own pictures and text ready for your site, and other than some pointed questions to answer, that’s about it.

It’s all about YOU!

Having spent the last 20+ years in Website Design and Software Quality Assurance, we know how to take your idea and make it fly according to what you want to achieve. It’s all about you, not any corporate lingo or dry conversation, but a feminine perspective and knowing how people all use the internet differently.

Email me with your question or request or to book in a short call. Kate@rustedlime.com

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